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ProFire Grills are made in the U.S.A. and the beauty goes far beyond its appearence.  Each ProFire grill is precision engineered and constructed of quality materials.  The result is a wide selection of grills that offter long term performance and a lifetime of reliable use.

Our distributor stocks the 36'' models, but can order any other model available.  Please visit the ProFire website for more details on individual grills and outdoor kitchen accessories.

Kettle Pizza - $159.99

Turn your charcoal grill into a WOOD FIRED PIZZA OVEN!

Works with all kettle grills including Weber ® and others.
American Made - Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

KettlePizza was developed to give people an affordable way to cook real wood fired pizza on a traditional charcoal kettle grill. The stainless steel sleeve goes between the grill top and bottom creating a cooking chamber that remains consistently hot throughout the cooking cycle because the lid never needs to be removed. This solves the problem of overcooked bottoms and under cooked tops which is the common result when cooking pizza on an outdoor grill. Done correctly, the KettlePizza can perform equally as well as a traditional wood fired pizza oven that costs thousands of dollars.